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Harmony Haven is opening September 2021 and will receive our first guests on a holistic healing event in winter 2021.

Here are two reviews from the owner’s previous clients.

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holistic healing

Suzi spent a great deal of time with me helping me with my Type II Diabetes and even managed to get me off all my prescription drugs which were actually making me ill with all the side effects.

Within the first week working with Suzi my sugar read went down from 24 to 7 and I lost 2 kilos in the process!

She achieved this purely with diet and supplements – even my own doctor could not believe the results.

Her follow up care and advice was invaluable.


I have known Suzi for over 15 years – her ability to see a problem and fix it goes right to the core of most people.

Her compassion for helping people is admirable.

She helped me emotionally and then physically get over the loss of my two young sons to their father. The strength and infallible support she continued to give me ever since has been a Godsend.

I cannot thank her enough for saving my life.